There is so much that we can do at Maven Dental Yokine, formerly known as Yokine Dental Centre, to give you the best possible smile.

It is not a long drawn-out process. Often we are looking at two to three weeks to achieve what we hope will be a wonderful result for you. With the use of the laser and our accumulated knowledge, we are more than satisfied with our results.

More and more of our patients are starting to have cosmetic dentistry including complete makeovers to make all the difference.

Our dentists spend a lot of time before the treatment is started making up study models and even doing what we call a wax up to give you an even better idea of what the final result is going to look like.

Our team cover all your concerns, from the dental side to the financial side, this means leaving our patients completely satisfied in all the area’s relating to your dental experience.

To see photos of our cosmetic dentistry success stories please visit our Facebook page.