Glamsmile and Clear Aligners

In my day there were fat kids, skinny kids. Kids with pimples and braces and dead straight hair.

Today everyone is stunning.

The young people of today fix things if they’re not happy with it. If they don’t like their boobs they make them bigger or smaller, they tattoo their eyebrows, glam up their nails, and most importantly, TEETH!

Both men and women from the ages of 18 and over are coming to Yokine dental Centre for Glamsmile veneers, clear aligners and teeth whitening. All these procedures are pain free, safe, non-invasive and offer great results.

Now in just two appointments you can leave our practice with stunning white teeth. Using our famous Glamsmile veneer system we can get you the perfect white smile.

I remember when I was young we had rail way tracks on our teeth. Big metal braces joined to head gears.
Now we offer Prestige Clear aligners that in certain cases can move your teeth achieving the best possible smile. Unless people look very closely at your mouth they won’t even notice the clear aligners!

So if you have always wanted your perfect smile and never thought it was possible or affordable, call 08 9349 6686 Yokine Dental Centre and come in and let us see how we can help you.