What’s The First Thing Women Notice In Men? Their Smile!

Did you know that studies show most women are drawn to a man’s smile before anything else? That perfect, glistening white smile is what grabs a woman’s attention time and time again. Which means, men, it’s time to perfect your pearly whites and GlamSmile is the cheapest, most comfortable way to do it.

Most men walk into Maven Dental Yokine having never heard of GlamSmile and feeling that veneers are reserved for the rich and famous celebrities. The reality though, is that every smile can be a little brighter. Once GlamSmile is suggested and explained, you’ll be shocked you hadn’t heard about it earlier. Cleaning up your smile is a sure fire way to get rid of any insecurities around your teeth and with proper care you’ll have the smile of your dreams.

GlamSmile veneers make a beautiful smile affordable for everyone, with astounding results at a fraction of the price of traditional veneers. A GlamSmile dentist, such as Dr Sean Slotar Maven Dental Yokine can create a beautiful new smile for you in two short visits, with no anaesthetic, and no grinding down of healthy tooth structure in most cases. This is a whole new approach to Perth cosmetic dentistry, making it accessible for everyone.

The treatment is completed in just two, one-hour visits. Your first visit will be a consultation and your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. In your second visit your GlamSmile veneers will be placed and you’ll be good to go with your new smile.

Many men have issues with their original teeth such as gaps, missing teeth, smaller than average teeth or discolouration. These are all issues that can be painlessly and cost effectively solved with GlamSmile veneers. However, it’s not always the first option people come across. Many patients are first recommended far more invasive procedures such as braces or a jaw breaking procedure.

In talking to past patients who have opted for GlamSmile veneers, the feedback is remarkable. We consistently receive reports that GlamSmile is easy, pain free and fast, with no discomfort.

As well as being the least invasive option, the aesthetic result from GlamSmile is sure to impress. There’ll be no more dreading and avoiding photos, you’ll walk out the door of your second appointment with so much confidence there’ll be no stopping you.

GlamSmile client testimonials speak for themselves,

“I couldn’t be happier with the support from the Maven Dental Yokine team throughout the process. I am very happy with them suggesting the GlamSmile as they all said it would look great on me. I was nervous as it was something new, but those nerves went away as soon as I saw the veneers and how they looked on my teeth. I would recommend the Maven Dental Yokine team to anyone looking for a great dentist practice.”

Men, it’s time to step up your game. Get your GlamSmile on at Maven Dental Yokine. With interest free payment plans available, there’s never been a better time to get that Prince Charming smile.