At Maven Dental Yokine, formerly known as Yokine Dental Centre, we can help you with all of your custom made Sports mouthguards, Soft Splints to prevent clenching and grinding and the more specialist Occlusal Night Splints.

Our Dentists and Oral Hygienists take impressions of your mouth to send to our Lab, they then use these moulds to create a custom fit mouthguard or splint for you.

The benefits of having a professionally made splint or mouthguard are as follows:

  • it fits tightly against your teeth for a better and more comfortable fitred sports mouthguards
  • it is made of high grade Dental materials
  • it is made by specialists wo have vast experience
  • it will help to keep your teeth and oral condition safe when playing impact sports
  • it will help maintain your oral health and condition if you are a clencher or a grinder
  • it will prevent that awful sound made while grinding that might disturb your partner

Please call us today about making an appointment if you would like to get a personalised Sports mouthguard or Splint.