Let’s face it. Almost everyone has a fear of the dentist. For some, their fears have been there since birth, for others, it may be because of a bad experience in childhood. For some, it’s the heart-pounding anxiety that comes at the thought of needles.

Don’t worry, thanks to modern technology, there are now needle-free injections that deliver anaesthetic without the pain of needles. Contact Maven Dental Yokine, formerly known as Yokine Dental Centre, today to make an appointment.

How Do Needle Free Injections Work?

Needle-free injections are done by administering a local anaesthetic with a very short burst of high-pressure energy, instead of having the local anaesthesia pass through a traditional needle into your gums, the anaesthetic spreads instantly into the gums allowing it to be administered without needing to use a needle.

With the development of needle-free injection procedures, getting a dental treatment has become a stress-free routine appointment for many people. Just imagine, no more excruciating pain, no more lingering after-effects after the treatment and best of all, no more anxiety about the dentist needle.

We at Maven Dental Yokine use Injex technology to do this. By using needle-free injections, we are able to help the patients feel welcome, relaxed and at ease.

When Do You Need It?

Instead of the dentist needle, the needleless method can be used for several dental procedures such as tooth extractions, crown and bridge preparation, and fillings.

We also find it an excellent solution during child dentistry to set them up for a life of routine dental appointments without the stress. Additionally, we have found that it reduces the treatment and recovery period when our patients aren’t worrying about the needle.

Will It Hurt?

Compared to the traditional needle injection, the feeling of a needleless injection has been likened to a quick flick of the finger against the gum. Your gums will still be numb in the same way and length of time as when the conventional method is used and is becoming a more widely offered alternative to needles globally.

Are There Any Risks To This Method Instead Of A Needle?

There are risks when it comes to the traditional needle injection. Although rare, one is the hematoma, which is a blood-filled swelling that is formed when the needle hits a blood vessel.

Because of this, since 2013, more and more dental clinics started offering needle-free injections for their patients. During this time, there has been no known risk recorded.

You can now feel at ease and enjoy your dental appointments and procedures without the stress and fear of needles. Plus, compared to the traditional dentist needle, it is efficient and time-saving.

If you’ve been putting off a much-needed trip to the dentist out of anxiety or a fear of needles, breathe a sigh of relief and book your appointment today.

Our team of dental specialists are proudly putting patients at ease in Yokine. Please request at your next visit to have the needle-free injection if you would prefer. Your dentist will advise if it is suitable for your treatment.

Don’t put it off any longer. Book today!