Here are the Top Ten Dental Health Problems You Shouldn’t Take for Granted.


10. Teeth Grinding

This happens when a person involuntarily clenches their teeth when they are asleep. This is very common in those suffering from a lot of stress, which can lead to damaged teeth and even hearing loss.

9. Dry Mouth

This dental problem can be caused by smoking, ageing or even by the medications you take. This becomes a problem for people suffering from this because saliva is important in protecting the mouth against bad breath and cavities.

8. Toothaches

Perhaps one of the painful ones in this list, a toothache can be caused by a damaged filling, gum decay, fracture or the constant grinding of teeth. If pain lasts for more than a couple of days, be sure to visit your dentist.

7. Mouth Sores

This can be an indication of stress but can also be caused by an irritation or an infection in the mouth. Although they may heal on their own, you might want to go have it checked out in case it gets worse.

6. Gum Disease

An infection caused by smoking or poor dental hygiene. Some of the symptoms of gum disease are bleeding gums, loose teeth or bad breath.

5. Tooth Decay

This happens when plaque stays on top of the tooth’s surface and creates an acid which deteriorates its enamel. It is also known as ‘cavities’.

4. Oral Cancer

This is the uncontrollable growth of the cells in one’s mouth which will appear as a persistent sore.

3. Tooth Sensitivity

This makes itself known you’re drinking a hot or cold drink and you feel pain or discomfort in your mouth. This means that a tooth is cracked or decaying.

2. Discoloured Teeth

Results from staining caused by drinking coffee, smoking, ageing and even injury.

1. Bad Breath

Also known as Halitosis, bad breath is caused when there are layers of bacteria on a person’s tongue. This can be treated by brushing daily or tongue scraping.

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