In-chair Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a shiny, pearly white smile. There’s just something about those glistening teeth we find irresistible. So, it’s not surprising that from baking soda to lemon juice, we’ve all heard about the supposedly tried and true remedies to make our smiles bright.

There’s a much easier way to get the teeth you want, Emma Hunter here at Yokine Dental offers in-chair teeth whitening. And the best part is – it only takes two hours. If you like your natural teeth and want them whiter, this is your best option.

Emma has your teeth’s best interests in mind. Using a procedure that doesn’t heat your teeth and avoids zoom whitening, sensitivity is kept to a minimum. Instead, the procedure is completed with a barrier, this also means there’s no burning of your gums. Your comfort and safety is our top priority throughout the procedure.

At Yokine Dental, Emma and one of our friendly assistants will complete your teeth-whitening treatment and you’ll be on your way. With practically no recovery time, there’s no reason not to have your teeth whitened.

Our teeth whitening is 100% safe and there’s no take home kit. We’ve got the procedure covered from beginning to end.

The only thing Emma asks of you is to treat your teeth like you would a white tablecloth! Try to limit your wine, smoking and coffee, or have a go at drinking it through a straw. This will limit the staining on your teeth and you’ll be able to make the most of your new bright smile.

Our two-hour whitening technique is suitable for most patients, but it’s best to keep in mind that yellow teeth whiten better than grey teeth.

Having your teeth bleached with us is also very affordable, the cost is $800 and lasts over a year. Have a think about how much you spend on your eyebrows each year and you’ll probably find there’s not too much difference. Plus, unlike your eyebrows, a portion of the treatment cost can be reclaimed from private health insurance, and is also covered under general dental.

We understand that paying the total at once isn’t always achievable, so we offer a range of payment plans for our patients. This makes pristine white teeth an option for everyone.

We’d love to see you with the smile of your dreams, contact us today to make a teeth whitening appointment with Emma.