Yokine Dental Love Dogs

Here at Yokine Dental Centre, we were very excited to read this article by American Express about the benefits of having your dog at work. As you may already have seen, we’ve been known to bring our favourite fur babies to the office – it changes the atmosphere, making it a bit more relaxed. So why more companies are allowing a Bring Your Pet to Work Day?


We all know that it’s good to get up from the desk every now and then to improve productivity and focus, so it makes sense that dogs can act like a sort of alarm clock. Think of them as an organic reminder to get up and take a short break. Providing natural pauses in your workflow gives you productive ‘brain breaks’, which is also good for lowering stress and elevating serotonin.


Having a dog around provides a positive vibe to the whole office. It builds bonding among the team and patients. Dogs also provide unconditional acceptance and comfort – we’re well aware that going to the dentist isn’t always high on people’s list of guilty pleasures!


Studies have shown that having a pet is good for your health. Dogs have a therapeutic influence, lowering cortisol. Of course, we’re very careful about the hygiene aspect, but we really do believe that pets are essential to the good life!

All of these points are excellent news for dog lovers, especially as the Australian Dental Association has released information about therapy dogs. It is estimated that 30% of Australians feel anxious about visiting the dentist, so we encourage this lovely method of relaxing. While dogs are not allowed into the clinical rooms, please do feel very welcome to bring your fluffy friend with you and our friendly staff will take care of them in the waiting room during your consultation.

You’ll also see Practice Manager Lara’s sheep dog making lots of appearances on our Instagram, so hop on over for a scroll!