Yokine Dental Saved 7 Marriages This Week!

Is snoring ruining your marriage? If your significant other keeps you awake at night with their snoring, you’re probably feeling exhausted and irritable. A lack of sleep also affects your cognitive functions, physical, and mental health, and can lead to poor decision making, and in extreme circumstances, even depression. Before you resign to purchasing the best earplugs money can buy and crossing your fingers they might actually work, talk to the team at Yokine Dental.


Whether you’re sleep deprived and feeling bitter towards your partner, or you’re the culprit of the long, sleepless nights, we can help restore the balance in your household with our state-of-the-art snoring guards.


Bid Adieu to Loud Snoring With MAD


Our Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAD) is not only the most common method of treating snoring; it’s also our most popular one! The system is so effective and discreet, you won’t even realise it’s there, and the whole family will finally be able to get a good night sleep.


Used as a treatment for both snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, MAD is similar in appearance to a mouth guard, which is worn for playing sports like soccer and football. Essentially, you wear it over your teeth when you go to sleep (or you nag your partner to make sure they remember to put it in each night), and it will stop the snoring.


To get a little more technical, the guard will be fitted specifically to your mouth and will keep your airway clear and your jaw properly aligned in the best position to ensure a restful sleep. MAD is a proven technique for preventing snoring, and has achieved optimum results for our patients.


All you need to do to take the first step towards a peaceful night sleep is call us to book an appointment. One of our friendly dentists will explain MAD in more detail and advise of the best course of action for your specific needs.


We have a range of payment options and payment plans at Yokine Dental, so saying goodbye to snoring for good is more affordable than you may think. So, if you’d rather take a trip to dentist over a marriage counselor, contact the team at Yokine Dental today!